An interesting Utility Room protect

We are just coming to the end of an interesting Utility Room protect. When showing the client my design she said ‘What a breath of fresh air, you actually listened to me and accommodated all that I talked to you about’.

It was required that provision to be made for storage of washing that was, dirty, washed, dried and ready to be ironed, Ironed ready to go upstairs. So eight laundry baskets were fitted into a central island right opposite the sink, washing machine & dryer. The back of the island is a shoe changing seat with some storage under.

Also housed in the design were tools, balls, coats, keys, riding boots, American style fridge freezer, under freezer, mop, brooms, vacuum and all the various cleaning agents.

A large painted kitchen

In the Middle of June 2016 we start the installation of a large Painted Kitchen 6.3m x 10.2m. It’s a new build house & so zero rated for Vat purposes. I have been working with the client on this since the beginning of 2015. We did her son’s kitchen back in 2010.

It was great when the client said ‘Michael we have seen what you can do, so just do your thing’.

So I’ve been able to be creative and accommodate all the required elements in a dynamic way. There is an almighty peninsular curve among other interesting features, all refined by interaction with the Lady of the house.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the process and the end result. I love to make a difference.