I was called back to this lovely old Hampshire country house after some years to change the Island. There is a large Oak beam at floor level between the island & the sink run which the client had to leave in place. So over the last few years one has to continually clime over it.

The brief was to join the island to the sink run to do away with this problem. So I suggested we use an Oak worktop to join the sink run, fitting snuggly under the existing worktop height. The basket cabinet was taken from the Utility Room & altered to accommodate the floor level Oak beam. Then we made the Circular cabinet to give some flair which was lacking previously. The tall Oak larder cabinet was added at the same time.


  • Shaker style doors but with the inner door frame angled at 45 degrees.
  • Island top in Wide stave Oak.
  • Sink top in Pyrolave Enamelled Laver stone.